website keys

Websites are amazing tools. They are also absolutely critical to any business serious about success. Promotion of your business—big or small—is virtually impassible without web presence. A personal website for you is fun too. The sky is the limit when it comes to website design. The prices below all include:

  • ·      The setup and design of your site.
  • ·      I also include your custom header or logo that you would like to appear on your site.
  • ·      Three other small graphics designed by me if you want them.
  • Allhands on the Web and Design LLC can also offer hosting, which you can see the price guides for that on the hosting page.

The prices below reflect site management, updating and changes after your site is up, running and complete (pictures/video added or switched out, text changes, blogs posted, etc.) and you do not want to maintain the content yourself, I am available to do you web maintenance:

  • $50.00/hour to make changes on your site after it has been completed to your standards. If you would like an ongoing maintenance schedule, I would be willing to work out a rate for what your needs are for your site.

Want custom work over an above our unique design and set-up? We can do it! CONTACT US!


Basic 2-5 Page Website Starting at $400.00
Medium 5-10 Page Website Starting at $600.00
Large 10-20+ Page Website Starting at $1,000.00



*Depending on the design and detail going into your website prices may vary. If you would like a quote, CONTACT US!